Extroversion and Isolation

In my last blog post, I wrote about how introversion and isolation may look the same but fundamentally differ. Extroversion and isolation are obviously at odds, like oil and water, but for people with Addiction and mental health issues they often find themselves paired up.

Extroverts thrive on connection and people. They use this energy to fuel and recharge themselves. Not having this connection is extremely impactful to an extrovert. While an introvert is impacted by isolation, for an extrovert it saps their fundamental life force.

Extroverts need this stimulation for health and recovery. If you are extroverted and find yourself isolating, hiding, pulling away from people, even convincing yourself that you don’t need people the way that you used to, then I would strongly encourage you to speak to a healthcare provider as you may be struggling with Addiction and mental health issues. These conditions thrive on isolation, whereas health is fed by connection.

By Paige Abbott (Psychologist, Author, www.holisticpsychologycalgary.com)