A: I am Paige Abbott, Registered Psychologist, and I have specialized in Addiction Psychology for the majority of my career. I help individuals and couples with Addiction of any manifestation, along with those experiencing symptoms of anxiety and anger, as well as helping individuals with relationship challenges, including codependency, boundaries, and communication.

A: The first appointment will involve information gathering to understand the challenges you are experiencing, along with getting to know you as a person. Follow-up sessions will involve a check-in of ongoing challenges, changes, and acute issues. All appointments involve a combination of processing thoughts, feelings, and issues using talk therapy, along with education to help you understand what is going on, and recommendations for action between appointments.

A: Between first and second session, most people prefer to meet within 1-3 weeks and, after that, a frequency of 2-4 weeks between appointments is usually sufficient. This depends on individual needs, as well as financial boundaries. If you have a certain number of appointments you are willing/able to attend, please let me know and session focus will adapt accordingly. Counselling appointments will be most frequent for the first 3 months and then can be less often and/or with breaks as desired and needed. The door is always open for you to return at any time.

A: No! Counselling can be helpful during acute crises, but is also very helpful when life is going pretty well. People learn tools and are accountable to being proactive with their health efforts which sets them up well for stability in the future. Anyone at anytime, especially if they’re open and interested, can benefit from counselling.  

A: Yes. Direct billing is available with most major insurers, including Alberta Blue Cross. Direct billing is not currently available for psychological services with SunLife or Manulife. You can see a list of insurance providers who we can direct bill with here. It is the client’s responsibility to understand their policy and total coverage available. 

A: Sana Psychological is the solo private practice of Paige Abbott, Registered Psychologist. 

A: It is $200/50 minute appointment. This is the rate for all services, including in person, virtual, phone, individual, joint, and hypnotherapy sessions. In addition to direct billing, cash, credit card, and e-transfer are acceptable payments.

A: I work Tuesdays-Fridays with appointments at 9, 10, 11am and 1, 2, and 3pm. I do not work evenings or weekends. 

A: Yes, I am accepting new clients. Waiting times for first appointment vary depending on a number of factors. If the wait is too long for you, then it is recommended you continue to search for a provider whose scheduling suits your needs. 

A: I am comfortable with appropriate self-disclosure. I’m happy to let you know that I have been a Registered Psychologist since 2009 and my educational background is in Counselling Psychology. I always knew that I wanted to work directly with people in a counselling capacity and that’s why I pursued that degree. I am an introvert, my Myers-Briggs personality type is INFJ and I identify as a Highly Sensitive Person (you can look up any of these terms if they are unfamiliar to you). In my personal life, I am married and have one daughter. I value work-life balance (hence the reason I do not work Mondays, evenings or weekends). I use this time to look after myself, house, and family. I enjoy physical activity, time outdoors, playing games, meditating, journaling, reading, home décor, and real estate.