Do I Have ADHD?

Counselling Airdrie and ADHD Counselling Calgary

Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)  is one of the most common neurodevelopmental disorders in Canada with approximately 4-6% of adults and 5-7% of children having it (source here). As therapists providing ADHD counselling Airdrie and ADHD counselling Calgary, this is something that we see show up on many days of our practice, even when people are unaware that this is what is impacting their lives. 

It is amazing how easily ADHD can masquerade as other issues: Substance use, compulsive behaviours, bipolar disorder, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, learning issues, general stress and overwhelm can all result in diagnoses that people with undiagnosed ADHD are given. Now, there is the possibility of comorbidity, meaning people can have more than one mental health issue. The difference is that what we will hear in ADHD counselling Airdrie and ADHD counselling Calgary is people who have been given these other diagnoses but feeling like it’s just “not quite a right fit” and/or that treatment for these other conditions “hasn’t really worked.” These are usually signs that the identified problem is not quite right and that something else may be going on either instead of or in addition to the original diagnosis. 

Counselling Airdrie and ADHD Counselling Calgary
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ADHD Counselling Airdrie: Common & Uncommon ADHD Symptoms

Some people actively seek out an ADHD assessment to help them identify where they are at; whereas others feel that self-identification based on their own informal testing and assessment is enough. ADHD counselling Airdrie is appropriate for those who are curious about ADHD symptoms and want to explore this further with a professional, as well as for those who are already diagnosed or self-identify as having ADHD. An assessment may be recommended if this seems like an appropriate fit for your needs and situation. 

As with many conditions, there are symptoms that are more typically associated with ADHD and some that are less common (or less known/recognized as symptoms) but are still associated with ADHD. Below we take some time to explore different symptoms that may present with ADHD that we see in ADHD counselling Airdrie and ADHD counselling Calgary. 

Common symptoms of ADHD that we see in ADHD counselling Airdrie and ADHD counselling Calgary include:

  • being unable to sit still, especially in calm or quiet surroundings
  • constantly fidgeting
  • being unable to concentrate on tasks
  • excessive physical movement
  • excessive talking
  • being unable to wait their turn
  • acting without thinking
  • interrupting conversations (more symptoms here)

Some people do not resonate with the possibility of ADHD because they may not be experiencing as many common symptoms. This may be because ADHD shows up differently from person to person, may vary by gender, or other factors that affect its presentation. 

Some researchers, including Dr. Daniel Amen, have presented the possibility of different subtypes of ADHD which can also impact our understanding and classification of symptoms. If you are interested in learning more about Dr. Amen’s 7 different types of ADHD, you can learn more here and in this shorter article here. Through this framework, it becomes easy to understand why people with less common presentations of ADHD may be diagnosed as having other mental health issues. 

Some less common symptoms of ADHD that we see in ADHD counselling Airdrie and ADHD counselling Calgary are:

  • emotional dysregulation (here are some tips you can use to support yourself if you experience this)
  • time blindness, or not being aware of time which can lead to being late and/or getting lost in tasks
  • racing thoughts
  • intrusive or self-defeating thoughts
  • sensory processing disorder
  • overwhelm due to sensory sensitivities
  • rejection sensitive dysphoria or hyper-sensitivity to criticism
  • social anxiety
  • Social justice sensitivity 

These less common symptoms are part of the ‘ADHD Iceberg’ which refers to symptoms that are easier to see above the surface and those that are less visible. You can start to see why ADHD symptoms can be veiled as other conditions, especially since our understanding of neurodivergence continues to grow and evolve. 

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ADHD Counselling Airdrie: Self-Assessment Tool

Have you read enough that you’re curious where you fall on the ADHD spectrum? We encourage you to take this self-assessment using the link below to see if you fall below, near, or above the cutoff for possible ADHD. Keep in mind these screening tools are not a replacement for professional diagnosis which involves a personal interview, multiple screening tools, and possibly communication with people around you. Though it is not definitive, it can be helpful in identifying whether the possibility for an ADHD diagnosis is there or not. Self-assessment tools are helpful and used often in ADHD counselling Airdrie and ADHD counselling Calgary to help identify what makes sense as next steps for you. 

Take the empirically validated Adult Self-Report Screener (ASRS) for Adult ADHD here

ADHD Counselling Airdrie and ADHD Counselling Calgary: What to Expect

With ADHD Counselling at Sana Psychological, you can expect to have an attentive, attuned, and experienced clinician who will do an informal assessment to get to know your unique experiences and symptoms. If a formal assessment is desired or recommended, we will provide referrals that meet the needs of your situation (cost, location, availability, etc.). After a formal assessment, or if that route is not chosen, treatment will consist of support with tailored strategies to help you navigate the multi-faceted symptoms of ADHD. This may include executive functioning and memory support, time management, relationship and communication support, emotional regulation skills, and more. 

ADHD Counselling Airdrie and ADHD Counselling Calgary empowers you to navigate symptoms that have been interfering with life and holding you back. Awareness and knowledge is power and this is very true with ADHD counselling. The more you can understand and support yourself, the greater confidence you will feel. 

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Counselling Airdrie and ADHD Counselling Calgary