March 2020

Addiction and Recovery in the Age of COVID-19

While the pandemic of COVID-19 is occurring, issues with addiction, mental health, and other health issues continue. In writing this post, to be honest I have many more questions than answers as we are all living in an unprecedented time of uncertainty. What is striking me is the immense risk that exists for those who […]

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Living as an Introvert

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues and more cities are recommending self-isolating as a precaution, it struck me that people who are normally busy and living an extraverted life are being forced by circumstance to live as an introvert. Introversion and extraversion are personality typing classifications that stem from the work of psychoanalyst Carl Jung. These

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From ‘Good vs. Bad’ Feelings to Just ‘Feelings’

When you look up lists of feelings, they are often categorized as good vs. bad. This gives us the impression that some feelings are wanted, encouraged, and welcomed, whereas others are unwanted, discouraged, and, therefore, need to be avoided, shut off, and/or disregarded. From an emotional health and intelligence perspective, this sets up a problem.

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