Introversion Vs. Isolation

Many of you out there are introverts. This means you are happy to snuggle up and read this blog post to recharge your batteries. Introverts need time to process their thoughts and feelings, they live in their heads, are often creative, and value deep connection.

Many people struggle with isolation. This can be easy to confuse with introversion as it can look the same: me alone with I. It’s not the same, though.

Being true to yourself as an introvert means doing things that connect you with yourself and are recharging. Introverts love to self-discover and journey within.

Isolation is about escape and avoidance. It leaves one feeling numb, drained, and miserable. Anyone can isolate, this is not specific to introverts but it can be harder for an introvert to distinguish when they’re isolating versus being true to self. It’s easier for an introvert to rationalize their isolation because it can appear like they’re doing what they’ve always done.

Pay attention to the feelings. If you feel content, recharged and connected then you are being true to yourself as an introvert. If you feel empty, sad, and alone then you are isolating. Isolation often goes hand in hand with mental health symptoms like depression and anxiety and is a main symptom of Addiction. If you are concerned about your current mental health then I would encourage you to talk to a healthcare provider and start bridging the gap to connection. Isolation harms, connection heals.

By Paige Abbott, Psychologist and Author