About Paige Abbott,
Registered Psychologist

Sana Psychological is a private, solo counselling practice based out of Calgary, Alberta  operated by Paige Abbott.

Service area: Alberta (in person and virtual services) and New Brunswick (virtual services only).

Paige has been a Registered Psychologist since 2009 and during that time has worked in college, business, and private clinic counselling environments. She works from an eclectic model of therapy while appreciating all aspects of the person.

Paige values the importance of self-growth and development and uses physical activity, journaling, meditation, and her support network for her own self-care. She is a wife and mother and values these roles in her life. She is friendly, inviting, warm, and uses humour (and the occasional swear word) to keep connected with her humanity.

To read a bit more about Paige, check out this  interview she did with WordCast in September 2021.

To get started, simply e-mail, phone, or text Paige to request an appointment or you can schedule online anytime! She looks forward to hearing from you!