How it Feels On the Good Side of a Narcissist

There is lots of discussion in popular media about narcissism and narcissists. What is a narcissist? In a nutshell, they are somebody who can be very manipulative, cold (though act warm and charming as part of their manipulation), calculating, controlling, and lacking empathy. Inherently they are very unhealthy within themselves but do not see this […]

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In a previous blog post, I wrote about ‘The Dopamine Chase’ and how our brains can seek out increasing amounts of dopamine. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter that tells our brain when something was rewarding and that we should do it again (and probably more of it). This can come from feelings, relationships, substances, food, and

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Building Empathy

There is a lot going on in the world right now and this has led to increased levels of stress, tension, as well as compensatory coping mechanisms like substance use, sex, and escape via media or other things. My hope (perhaps it’s idealistic) for the world is that we can see all of these goings-on

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From ‘Good vs. Bad’ Feelings to Just ‘Feelings’

When you look up lists of feelings, they are often categorized as good vs. bad. This gives us the impression that some feelings are wanted, encouraged, and welcomed, whereas others are unwanted, discouraged, and, therefore, need to be avoided, shut off, and/or disregarded. From an emotional health and intelligence perspective, this sets up a problem.

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