Addiction Counselling

Exploring substance use or behaviours that have become unmanageable can be scary and overwhelming. At Sana Psychological, the approach to treating Addiction is to explore all aspects of the person, not just the issues that are plaguing you. At an initial appointment you can anticipate a conversation about your physical, emotional, relational, spiritual, cultural, and financial health, as well as resources, strengths, exploration of what you have already tried and what has helped/not, in addition to getting to know the current and historical nature of your challenges.

Addiction counselling means exploring how your brain is keeping you trapped in unhealthy patterns of feeling, thinking, and/or behaviour. Therefore, Addiction counselling is available and applicable to people struggling with:

Alcohol Use

Drug Use

Video Games and Technology

Sex Addiction



Eating Disorders





Mental Health

Follow-up sessions will be a combination of processing where you are at, what you have been trying and doing, what is/is not helping, exploration of triggers and vulnerabilities, building of strengths and resources through accountability and gentle feedback and challenging.

Unsure if you have Addiction? Sana Psychological can help you assess and determine where you are currently at and provide support suggestions to meet you wherever you are in your journey of health and wellness.