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Perfectionism is an example of a symptom usually rooted in trauma and dysfunctional experience that society has rewarded and viewed as helpful. I can tell you as a perfectionist in constant recovery, it has it’s significant downsides just as any symptom would.¬†Where does perfectionism come from? As mentioned above, while perfectionism may have some genetic …

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Sobriety vs. Recovery

For those who have struggled with an Addiction issue of any kind (whether it be alcohol, drugs, nicotine, sugar, work, sex, pornography, codependency, relationships, spending, food, gambling or beyond), you may already have spent some time thinking about the differences and similarities between recovery and sobriety. Or you may not have. A lot of people …

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5 Steps to Healing from Codependency

What is codependency? Historically, someone who struggled with codependency was caretaking a loved one with severe illness and/or Addiction. They focus all time, energy, and resources on that loved one and leave little to no energy for themselves. Today, this understanding of codependency can be expanded to anyone who struggles with a dependence or over-reliance …

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The ABC’s of Dealing with Conflict and Triggers

Relationships require effort. Whether that relationship be with ourselves or an external individual, they are something we need to constantly invest energy in, with obviously a great payback. Sometimes, however, people get stuck in this pursuit. Conflict and triggers are difficult moments to navigate and can feel overwhelming even to the most open and eager …

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